Rustem  Salayev

Rustem Salayev


13 years of experience


About doctor

Psixoterapevt-psixiatr kimi fəaliyyət göstərir.


2015 - 2016 - 6th International Master in Mental Health Policy and Services
2000 - 2006 - Azerbaijan State Medical University, MD


2010, Psychopharmacology and rehabilitation for people with mental illness, Osman Mahzar Psychiatric Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
2010-2011, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, Unihealth Norwegian Child Psychiatric Hospital, Baku, Azerbaijan
2011, Practice in Modern Psychiatry, Beyazit Yildirim Psychiatric Hospital, Ankara,Turkey
2012, Introduction to psychosocial rehabilitation, Global Initiative on Psychiatry, Vasaros Psychiatric hospital, Vilnius, Lithuania
2013, Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary teamwork, Global Initiative on Psychiatry, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013, Minimal standards of care, ABT Associates, Baku, Azerbaijan  2013, Introduction to research methods, Caucasus Research Resource Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013, Summer Institute on Research Methods and Ethics in Health Sciences, Harvard Medical School, Koch University, Istanbul, Turkey
2013, Caring for Children with Neurodisabiilty, Hayat Resource Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
2013, Neurobiological aspects of Psychiatry, University of South Carolina, Baku, Azerbaijan
2014, Management in Health, Ministry of Health, Baku, Azerbaijan
2015, Management in Health, Ministry of Health, Baku, Azerbaijan
2015, Community-based Health Operation and Management Course, JICA, Japan
2016, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Ministry of Health, Baku, Azerbaijan
2016, WPA-Servier Academy of Young Psychiatrists, Madrid, Spain
2016, WPA-Servier Academy of Young Psychiatrists, Wien, Austria
2017, WPA-Servier Academy of Young Psychiatrists, Florence, Italy
2017, WPA-Servier Academy of Young Psychiatrists, Paris, France
2017, Emotional and conduct disorders Training of trainers Training program, Baku, Azerbaijan
2017, Autism spectrum disorders Training program, Baku, Azerbaijan
2018, 1st Congress of Young Psychiatrist of the Eastern Europe, Minsk, Belarus


2012 - present time, Deputy Director, Mental Health Centre
2008-2012, Head of the Emergency Unit, National Psychiatric Hospital #1 of MoH,
2007-2008, Psychiatrist, National Psychiatric Hospital #1 of MoH
2009-2010, Psychiatrist ,OPTIMED Medical Centre
2008-2008, Project manager, LABMED Medical Laboratories
2006-2007, Post-graduate Training in Psychiatry, Clinical Psychiatric Hospital # 1

Rustem Salayev

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