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Botox for migraine is the new enemy of migraine! hekimtap.az

Botox for migraine is the new enemy of migraine!

Author: Sevinj Hamidova

Published: 21.09.2017
Elfane Suleymanova

Not for beauty, but for health ...

What is a migraine?

Headache is one of the most common diseases among the population. One of every 3-4 patients visiting the doctor complains of a headache. Everyone, at least once in his life, had a headache. For this reason, headache is a problem of interest to everyone.

There are over 200 types of headaches. Headaches are divided into two basic categories: primary and secondary.  The primary headache syndromes are migraine, tension-type and cluster headaches.  They are the most frequent type well known among the population.

People who experience migraine headaches report having poor quality of life. Migraine headaches are generally moderate to severe in degree.  Pain is typically unilateral, pulsating and associated with  decline in physical activity with palpitation, vomiting and such autonomic symptoms as photophobia and phonophobia.

The attack of pain usually lasts 4-72 hours and at least 5 attacks are required to set the diagnosis. Approximately 6-8% of men and 12-14% of women suffer from migraine headaches. Child's  migraine attack can be shorter (1-2 hours) and associated with such  symptoms as abdominal pain. Most people suffer from migraine without aura.

How to treat a migraine?
Migraine is generally considered a disabling disease that can significantly reduce the quality of life and decrease in people's daily physical activity. Very essential are also that people are absent from work  and students have to miss study due to migraine.   Over a number of years the migraine sufferers take different medications to stop a migraine attack from developing or to prevent the onset of pain. However, in recent years the use of botox for migraine (BoNT) become hope for migraine sufferers.

How does the Botox treatment work?
For the first time the botox's effect on migraines was discovered coincidentally. As is known Botox was famous as cosmetic product to lessen lines and wrinkles. However, for a long time it has been widely used in medicine against a number of diseases including blepharospasm, torticollis, spastic paralysis, excessive sweating, disorder of micturition, etc. It was indicated that botox treatment with cosmetic purposes shows a headache intensity decrease  in patients. As a result, the use of botox for migraine treatment has begun. Till present day the action of botox for migraine treatment  consisted in the release of neuromuscular endings and relaxing of cramped muscles. In addition the new researches in the field of calcitonin-gene-bound peptide (CGRP) and its role in migraine pathogenesis was undertaken resulted in final conclusion that  patients with migraine have an increased level of calcitonin-gene-bound peptide.  After botox administration the level of calcitonin-gene-bound peptide was reduced. Following on from the results it was concluded that botox affects to migraine pathogenesis. In the future a vaccine production against migraine is planed.

How is botox administered for migraines?
Botox is administered by series of "microinjections" into the points of pain in the forehead, temples, hind head and neck. The only thing that matters is that the treatment is performed by an experienced physician who will identify specific customer's pain points and  determine the correct dosages.

I performed a botox migraine treatment in my country since 2013 including a number of outreach campaigns carried out for this purpose. Unfortunately, a large number of cosmetologists misinform customers saying that  botox migraine treatment is a substitute for migraine therapy.  This is a completely false notion.  Such therapy can only be performed by a physician who is an expert in this field.

Administration of pain medications intensifies your migraine!
As in most countries an administration of pain medications is widely used among population.  However, it should be considered that an administration of pain medications that were formerly administered more than 3 times a week can be resulted in return of insufferable and intractable pains. The pain medications in body lose their pain reliever effectiveness leading to chronic pains and more and more dosage of pain medication required for pain relief.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the effectiveness of botox for migraine treatment. The botox for migraine sufferers has minimal side effects and is one the most effective treatment medications in comparison with other therapeutic agents. 

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